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Are the tariffs guaranteed

Yes, They were introduced through and protected by the Energy Act. You must also remember the government  is legally obliged to hit the EU's 15% renewable energy commitment and the tariffs are a important means of achieving this.

Who pays for the tariffs

The Feed in Tariff is paid for by every one who doesn't do it. In other words the energy suppliers will pass on the additional cost within the electricity bills.

Would we be able to apply for the feed in tariff if we are not connected to the grid.

The feed in tariff are payable for off grid applications (though they obviously could not get the export bonus).

Who qualified for the feed in tariff

Domestic or commercial owners who have Solar PV panels fitted are entitled to apply for the tariff, you must have the panels fitted by a MCS registered installer and your system registered with the microgeneration certification organization.

Who receives the feed in tariff'

The feed in tariff is paid quarterly to the person who proves they paid for the panels, If you have panels are fitted through a company who fitted them free of charge, They get the FITS payment and you get cheaper electricity. Even if you own the property.

What are the rates paid for the feed in tariff

At present it is 14.3p KWh plus 4.77p Kwh for any sold to the grid. The rate is set to change in December 2014 for 20 years TAX FREE and index linked. IT is expected to reduce every following six months.

Air source heat pump

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R.H.I. Payments

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