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Thinking of having Solar Panels-read on to see a few things to look out for.

Better to wise before installation than after Below we have listed some points to watch out for. Click on the checklist to do your own comparing

  1. Check local planning to be sure you are allowed to install solar PV
  2. Choose a company from the Microgeneration recommended list
  3. Don't just take a salesman word for it, they can only give a estimated cost
  4. Check an experience surveyor will be visiting to check all measurements, before they give you a quotation A technical survey of  your home, is the only way to receive a accurate quotation
  5. It's not unknown for quotation's to change once a proper roof survey has been carried out
  6. Make sure the company giving the quotation will be fitting the PV system
  7. Get several quotations
  8. Some companies state more panels that MCS guidelines will allow .The panels have to be stated distance from guttering ,shadow spots ,chimneys and ridge tiles.
  9. If the installation does not comply with recommended guidelines ,the MCS scheme could be removed, from you..
  10. Don't be pressurized into signing any documents by smooth salesperson. You may be offered on the spot a large discount,remenber if its a good deal today it will still be there tomorrow and unless you have received other quotations, how will you know ?

Click Here-For our free compare checklist to see if they are quoting like for like

 On receiving a quote

  1. The company should provide you with in-depth information on panels/modules, detail's of manufactures specification on panel efficiency,irradiance,tolerence PTC rating, Manufactures warranties

  2. Manufactures specification, data sheet, warranty on the inverter  etc.

  3. Query if  their quotation is calculated by using SAP(the government -recommended method )or their own in-house software.

  4. Check their quotation is tailored on your property and not just any standard similar house

  5. Do they give you a personal service

  6. Fill in your details below to see a un-biased neutral calculation on your property 


    Solar PV calculator provided courtesy of Solar Guide.