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Our company policy

We are family firm who have lived and traded in the same area for over 40 years our reputation is of great  importance to us .

What we offer:

  1. Personal attention
    • We don't do cold calling or employ fast talking commission sales people who take up your time.
  2. The surveyor team also fit your system
    • It is in our interest not to give exaggerated false  predictions on products or performance
  3. No outside contractors used (except for the scaffold)
  4. We are a independent company
    • We are official registered installers for several main companies but this does not mean we are tied to only using their goods.
    • We still source all markets' for Products that will give  maximum efficiently to our customers
    • Quotations are given for High Quality Components from reputable manufacturers with a proven track record 
  5. Our systems
    • Are designed for the individual customer's property, to give the maximum return on their investment
    • If M.C.S. rules on installation of the panels are not adhered to  i.e. to near guttering, and edges enough space around panels your  F.I.T.'s  payments could be withdrawn
  6. Quotations
    • Full description of what our quotation covers
    • All products to be used and manufactures specification sheets on performance  and warranties supplied
    • Set out in easy to understand format
    • MCS calculations on the predicted earnings and saving you can expect ( figures quoted are from the official MCS site)
  7. Other firms quotations
    • We can beat any like for like quotation on price and high quality products
  8. Finished system
    • You will receive handover documents with all product specification used and manufacturer guarantees
    • Registration on MCS site
    • MCS certificate
    • Help if needed to fill forms enabling you to claim the Feed In Tariff
    • Explanation of what the meters do and which to read
    • Follow up visit to ensure your new system is working OK and giving maximum return

We have found in the past some firms employ commission sales people who give very misleading advice and can often embellish the return, number of panels and size of system that can be fitted

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It is not un-known for companies(even bid ones) to give inflated return on your investment ,by using there own in house al calculations can verify the true figures by asking for a copy  M.C.S official calculations or type in your details below


Solar PV calculator provided courtesy of Solar Guide.